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5.5 Specifics

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Mike this looks great and spells out everything clearly. I've given a copy to Jason to post for the Coffee Shop workers.

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>:From (Mike Topliff), on 11/5/97 4:30 PM:

External Labs
The TCC has donated computers for the SAC Coffee Shop and SUB Student Lounge. Auxiliary Services is providing the staff to proctor these computers. These proctors are responsible for:
  1. Physical security of the equipment.
  2. Checking the equipment on a daily basis to ensure functionality.
  3. Servicing the printer - clearing jams, restocking paper, monitoring the toner quality, monitoring paper consumption, and notifying the TCC at x-5735 when their paper supply is low.
  4. Reporting problems. If any equipment is rendered non-functional, the proctor will call x-5735 or use the electronic ticket system to report the problem as soon as it happens. (The User Consultants are not expected to respond to phone calls regarding this equipment.)
  5. Rebooting the systems into Unix when they close and lock the room.

Any hardware upgrades or replacement of stolen or damaged equipment will be paid by Auxiliary Services.

        From Tue Jul 21 13:34:33 1998
        Auxiliaries is responsible for any vandalism/operator damage.
        TCC is responsible for normal wear and tear.

The TCC will provide normal software maintenance to continue the level of service at what was originally installed. Any additional maintenance will be billed at the hourly rate.

This arrangement also applies to the GOAL RA in South Hall and the Housing Office.

NOTE: After TCC main office hours (outside of M-F, 8am-5pm), or when the TCC main office is closed, contact with the TCC can be made by calling the Help Desk at -5437. Arrangements can be made, by the appropriate proctor, for picking up paper and toner this way.

Revision - 28 June 1999
From a phone conversation between Mike and Valerie on 28 June 1999.

New signs about usage of the machines have been posted. These signs announce that usage is restricted to TCC account holders. The Student Proctors will restrict usage of the GOAL machines to people holding TCC accounts.

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