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Last Updated: Friday, 03-Feb-2017 10:29:12 MST

Please note that we can only provide support to people associated with New Mexico Tech.

If you are having trouble with the TCC facilities, have a question about a program or package at the TCC, or need to set up an account with the TCC, please stop by the TCC Help Desk (in room 101 of the Gold building; phone number 575/835-5437).   The UC on duty will be happy to help you.

The UCs also fix some software and hardware problems on TCC machines and peripherals.   In addition to helping people use the TCC systems some of the UCs also write software and tools for the Tech Computer Center use.

Should you find a problem at the TCC please report it by: filing a ticket using the link above (Report a Problem), or you can notify the UC on duty at the Help Desk in Speare 5 by phone (575/835-5437).   Filing tickets will help us keep track of how often which things are having problems.   Tickets are also used for requesting file restores from our backup tapes; as well as requesting new software, new hardware, or new services.  

Thanks for Using the TCC.

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New Mexico Tech     Computer Center
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  575 / 835-5437   Help Desk (  101).

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  Help Desk   (Gold 101)


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  Jake Luster   (Mngr)   jake.luster
  Scooter McGee   scooter.mcgee
  Will Hutchison   william.hutchison
  Tony Lenox   anthony.lenox
  CJ Valles-Armijo   christian.valles-armijo
  Ben Turner   benjamin.turner
  Milagre Coates   milagre.coates