New Mexio QSO Party 2017

Tech Amateur Radio Ascociation

For this event, we will be making as many contacts as we can all over the world from a remote mountaintop site. This is open to anyone even if you don't have an Amateur Radio license, and is aimed at exploring the fun of portable, remote operatin from one of the best locations in Southern New Mexico.

Location: South Baldy in the Magdalena Mountain Range

Time: Operations officially start at 8:00 AM, however setup might not be complete until 9:00AM. If you are willing to come help setup, that would be great!

Food will be provided !

Please note, a 1/6 mile hike may be required to reach the very top where operations will be taken place (working on gate access).

Anybody is invited to operate, and we will cover HF bands for the contest.
Operations will be on top of South Baldy, which is right before the gate to Magdalena Ridge Observatory

Driving directions

Please contact or if you have any questions on the event.

PLEASE RSVP to this link