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Repeater & Echolink Links:

EchoLink: Allows hams to link to other stations through the internet.
EchoStation: Allows hams to use a computer to control a repeater.
RigBlaster: Rig-to-Computer interface by West Mountain Radio.
Socorro Repeaters: Image representing the location of the Socorro repeaters.

Testing Links: (Online tests that feature the newest question pool) (I like this one)

Amatuer Clubs:

Socorro Amateur Radio Association

New Mexico: - Albuquerque Repeaters, etc
Albuquerque New Mexico Transmitter Hunting Homepage
Upper Rio FM Society, Inc. - This is a huge club associated with a large array of repeater systems in New Mexico and surrounding states.
Upper Rio Repeater Maps - Mega-Link map, Upper Rio Linking System Map, and APRS Map.
Mega-Link Info - Information about New Mexico's Mega-Link repeater network.
New Mexico Frequency Coordination Committee - Coordinated N.M. repeater frequencies, etc.
NM VE Sessions

National Links: - The National Association for Amateur Radio - The Ham Radio SuperSite, Serving amateurs since 1992 - Ham Radio Site, Product Reviews, Ham Radio Events

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