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KC5ORO Echolink Internet Linking System
Echolink Cross-Band Repeater Project
November 2005 - The cross-band repeater system is INACTIVE / HARDWARE FAIL (03-27-2007) on west peak of the Socorro mountain. See a conceptual diagram here. See the coverage area of the proposed system below.

147.50 (100Hz) simplex (default)
446.50 (100Hz) simplex

Note: For best operation, use 147.50. If you are in Socorro, use 446.50.

Echolink Node: 29253
Simplex/Echolink Status: Active
System is available for use.

Check into the Tech Amateur Radio Association ARES Net every Thursday at 7:00 pm using your radio on 146.680. N3MRA, Net Controller
TARA KC5ORO/KD5QHJ Albuquerque Repeater
- The Albuquerque collaborative repeater system is INACTIVE / HARDWARE FAIL (03-27-2007) on Sandia Peak.

Coverage Area:
West Peak Coverage
KC5ORO Repeater on Socorro Mountain - INACTIVE
147.50 (100Hz)
446.50 (100Hz)
KC5ORO Coverage
KC5ORO Echolink Uplink at NMT- INACTIVE
446.50 (100Hz)
Mobile Radio was used to make these images


Echolink is software that allows amateur operators to communicate via the internet.  It works by VoIP or Voice over IP technology.  It will work with internet connections as slow as an analog dial-up line. All one needs is a windows computer, sound card, microphone and speakers. This system allows repeaters and simplex stations to be linked together. The result is much like that of the Mega-Link system here in New Mexico. Users can enable or disable links using the DTMF tones on their radio giving them the ability to contact stations all over the world with a 2 meter radio. Hams can talk computer to computer, computer to repeater, or repeater to repeater. 


TARA's objective for running a simplex station with an active echolink linking system is to encourage the practice of amateur communication at New Mexico Tech and to demonstrate the applications of computer and internet technology to the amateur radio community. It has been an ongoing project to give NMT students a way to operate the TARA station from their dorm rooms with only a computer, microphone, and ISD's local area network system. With this technology now available to TARA, amateur radio operators at NMT and the surrounding area can benefit from it.

Information, Links, and Downloads:

EchoLink: Allows hams to link to other stations through the internet.
EchoStation: Allows hams to use a computer to control a repeater.
RigBlaster: Rig-to-Computer interface by West Mountain Radio.

Active Node List: See who is on the echolink system now!

KD5QHJ-L: Echolink in Belen, NM. Includes echolink/coverage info.

Our Old Repeater/Echolink Setup:

Repeater/Echolink Setup: Includes information and diagrams.
KC5ORO Equipment: See pictures of our equipment.

KC5ORO DTMF Codes: This is a list of DTMF codes operators can use to control the KC5ORO echolink internet linking system.

Questions or Comments:
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These codes can be used by amateur radio operators to control echolink internet linking system.

Echolink Codes
Connect To... (node #, see below)
Disconnect #
Linkup n/a
Linkdown n/a
PlayID *
RandomLink 01
RandomConf 02
LinkStatus 08
Reconnect 09

To connect to a specific node using your radio, just enter the node number with your DTMF keypad.