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News/Events Schedule


Blitz Session Comming Up. - NEW (2-21-2013)
A crash course on the knowledge needed to gain licensure will be held the weekend of April 21st. The location has not been settled on yet and more information will follow. The session will start Friday afternoon, go all Saturday, and finish up Sunday afternoon with a VE test session.

TARA Restarting! - NEW (1-24-2013)
TARA will be starting back up! Every Monday from 18:00 hrs to 19:00 hrs, the ham shack will be open to anyone interested. The shack is in the basement of presidents hall and may be accessed through the SW corner stairs of the building. Because the Dipole is still broken, only the two meter radios are available for currently licensed hammers. There are books available for studying to get licensed and if you have any questions please stop by.

TARA is Restructuring -NEW (2-21-2013)
The club structure consists of William Valliant (KF5IVN) as President and Jesse Crawfrod as Treasurer. N3MRA will also continue duties as KC5ORO's Station Control Operator.

General Club Information and Activities

Club Meetings - (2-12-2006)
Club meetings will be announced by email! Anyone can join us, so if you want on the email list, let us know. The meetings are held in the basement of Presidents Hall (enter through the white picket gate on the south side) usually at 17:30 (5:30pm) on Wednesday evenings, the first Wednesday of the month (except during holidays, breaks, dead week, or finals). Click here to see a map.

Club Minutes - (2-12-2006)
Club minutes can now be viewed in PDF format. Click on the link to view the most recently published minutes.

Discussion Forum
The TARA Discussion Forum contains information regarding the current and future TARA internet linking projects, and a place for hams to discuss Echolink in New Mexico. The forum will include the status of the Middle Rio Grande Valley Echolink systems, images, and configuration protocols as reference for Echolink users; and users will have the ability to post comments, questions, and information about their own systems. I highly encourage you to use this forum and let others know about it to promote interest in Echolink and amateur radio in our community.

Echolink Net
The Tech Amateur Radio Association echolink net is preparing to resume our weekly net Sunday nights at 7:00 pm. Welcome our new net control operator Seth, N3MRA. If you would like to check in or volunteer to be a net control operator, let us know. It is an open net and all amateur radio operators are welcome. A local ARES net on simplex is held on Thursday evenings. Click the "echolink net" link above for more info. New: Download audio from the net.

New Members
TARA will be looking for potential members, Sign up here.

Club Officers and Members - Sign Up Here

Club Advisor & KC5ORO Station Trustee: Kalman Oravecz, AJ5B, Extra
President: Seth Price, N3MRA, Extra
Vice President: Position Vacant,
Treasurer: osition Vacant,
Station Control Operator: Seth Price, N3MRA, Extra
Graduate Consultant & Webmaster: Richard Smrt, KD5QHJ, General, Website (rsmrt@tence.net)
Sponsor & Control Operator: David Johnson, KB5YIW, Technician
Faculty Sponsor: Kyle Crockett, KE5CWV, Technician
Echolink Control Operators: Wadhah al-Tailji, AE6QG, Extra
                                                    Kyle Crockett, KE5CWV
                                                    Richard Smrt, KD5QHJ
Licensed Members:
 Scott Miller, KD5IRG, General
 Joe Aranda, KE5CWU, Technician
 Matthew Artelt, KD5QHK, Technician
 Jennifer Coleman, KD5QJX, Technician
 Victoria De Oreo, KD5SHS, Technician
 Jonathan Hudston, KE5DKK, Technician
 James Kearney, KE5IIA, Technician

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