The StarrBoard

An electric StarrBoard                                      An acoustic StarrBoard

The StarrBoard is a chromatic matrix of strings and frets, whose string spacing is such that thirteen strings spans the same distance as an octave on a standard keyboard. The StarrBoard pictured has frets spaced for 12 tone equal temperament, but the frets may of course be placed according to any tuning scheme.

By tuning the strings to a particular non 12tet scheme, say a just scale of ratios
1/1   16/15   9/8   6/5   5/4   4/3   64/45   3/2   8/5   5/3   16/9   15/8   2/1
the StarrBoard can play justly in 12 equally spaced key centers, as modulation is easily accomplished by playing within higher or lower fret areas.

Schematic of strings, frets and position markers.

Fanned fret StarrBoard
On the left, playing a 32 string MIDI StarrBoard. Center, 24 string StarrBoard and Matrix. Right: 6 string contrabass.  
Lower picture is a bass and treble pair of 27 string fanned fret StarrBoards.
Parking Lot Blues

The StarrBoard has an heir! Marcodi Instruments is producing a StarrBoard -like instrument called the harpejji. The main difference is that the harpejji is tuned in whole steps stringwise, and of course, it is actually in production. You can see the harpejji here:
 Marcodi Musical Products

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