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Bird code systems: The Breeding Bird Survey system

Amazingly enough, two agencies within the U. S. Fish & Wildlife Service have different bird code systems. The codes used by the Bird Banding Lab (BBL) are pretty widely known, but the Breeding Bird Survey (BBS) has its own system. The two are pretty similar in most cases, but there are two main differences:

Below is a list of all the discrepancies between the BBL and BBS codes known to the author:

BBS   BBL   Name
----  ----  ----
ASPE  ASSP  Storm-Petrel, Ashy                              
BMNS  BACS  Sparrow, Bachman's                              
BRDS  BAIS  Sparrow, Baird's                                
BASP  BANP  Storm-Petrel, Band-rumped                       
BNKS  BANS  Swallow, Bank                                   
BATG  BARG  Godwit, Bar-tailed                              
BRBH  BBLH  Hummingbird, Broad-billed                       
BLTG  BLAG  Godwit, Black-tailed                            
BGBK  BLGR  Grosbeak, Blue                                  
ABOY  BLOY  Oystercatcher, American Black                   
BPLW  BLPW  Warbler, Blackpoll                              
BSPE  BLSP  Storm-Petrel, Black                             
BTHH  BLUH  Hummingbird, Blue-throated                      
BCRM  BRAC  Cormorant, Brandt's                             
BRZC  BROC  Cowbird, Bronzed                                
BRES  BRSP  Sparrow, Brewer's                               
BUBH  BUFH  Hummingbird, Buff-bellied                       
CACO  CALC  Condor, California                              
CYNW  CANW  Wren, Canyon                                    
CWAX  CEDW  Waxwing, Cedar                                  
CBOW  COBO  Barn-Owl, Common                                
CGDO  COGD  Ground-Dove, Common                             
COPO  COPW  Poorwill, Common                                
COPE  CORE  Redpoll, Common                                 
COPE  CPEA  Peafowl, Common                                 
EWPE  EAWP  Wood-Pewee, Eastern                             
FPOW  FEPO  Pygmy-Owl, Ferruginous                          
FLFS  FFSH  Shearwater, Flesh-footed                        
FWDU  FUWD  Whistling-Duck, Fulvous                         
GKGF  GKIN  Kingfisher, Green                               
GRYJ  GRAJ  Jay, Gray                                       
GKNB  GRAK  Kingbird, Gray                                  
GFLM  GREF  Flamingo, Greater                               
GRNJ  GREJ  Jay, Green                                      
GRYF  GRFL  Flycatcher, Gray                                
AGWT  GWTE  Teal, Green-Winged                              
HADU  HARD  Duck, Harlequin                                 
HRMG  HEEG  Gull, Heermann's                                
HRGG  HERG  Gull, Herring                                   
HLNH  HRLH  Hawk, Harlan's                                  
HAWH  HWAH  Hawk, Hawaiian                                  
JAWH  JAWE  White-eye, Japanese                             
LRKB  LARB  Bunting, Lark                                   
LESP  LCSP  Sparrow, Le Conte's                             
LGPL  LEGP  Golden-Plover, Lesser                           
LCHP  LHSP  Storm-Petrel, Leach's                           
LSTP  LTSP  Storm-Petrel, Least                             
MAGW  MAWA  Warbler, Magnolia                               
MACW  MGWA  Warbler, MacGillivray's                         
MCBU  MKBU  Bunting, McKay's                                
NHOW  NOHO  Owl, Northern Hawk                              
NPOW  NOPO  Pygmy-Owl, Northern                             
RWSW  NRWS  Swallow, Northern Rough-winged                  
PKFS  PFSH  Shearwater, Pink-footed                         
RTDO  RITD  Turtle-Dove, Ringed                             
RPHA  RNPH  Phalarope, Red-necked                           
SHTS  SHAS  Sandpiper, Sharp-tailed                         
STSH  SHOS  Shearwater, Short-tailed                        
SBOR  SPOO  Oriole, Spot-breasted                           
STLS  STSA  Sandpiper, Stilt                                
GULL  UNGU  gull sp.                                        
WWPE  WEWP  Wood-Pewee, Western                             
WSPE  WISP  Storm-Petrel, Wilson's                          
ZEDO  ZEND  Dove, Zenaida

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