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6.15. The 2006 tail section: free-form addenda to the body section

Following the net code and the alignment check character you may append any number of optional free-format fields for the other, optional items from the banding sheet.

Each field starts with a single-quote character (“'”), followed by a code indicating the type of field, followed by information specific to that type of field. Fields may be added in any order.

Here are the tail-section fields and their formats:

'c Color bands. Following the c, code the color bands just as they appear on the sheet. Up to five characters may follow, and one of them must be the slash (“/”) separating the left-leg bands from the right-leg bands. Examples: “'crgk/s” means red, green, and black bands from top to bottom on the left leg, with a service (metal) band on the right leg. See also Section 4.30, “Color bands”.
'dD Disposition code. For example, if the bird was a victim of predation, code that as “'dp”. See Section 4.26, “Disposition”.
'pF Feather pulled, where F is letter “o” for one (outer) primary pulled, or “i” for two (outer and inner) primaries pulled. Note: This was originally proposed as 'f, but many banders in the 2006 season code a P in this column; coding this as 'po is more mnemonic than coding it as 'fo.
'nDD Note number DD. If only one digit is used, it will be left-padded with zero in the output record.
'sS Cloacal swab, where S is 1 for the size 1 swab, 2 for the size 2 swab, or F if the sample was taken from the capture bag.