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4.17. WRP molt codes

Starting with the 2013 field season, this three-character field holds the WRP (Wolfe-Ryder-Pyle) codes as defined in this work:

Wolfe, Jared D., Thomas B. Ryder, and Peter Pyle. Using molt cycles to categorize the age of tropical birds: an integrative new system. In J. Field Ornithol. 81(2): 186–194, 2002.

The field may be entirely blank, or it may contain three characters. The first column defines the molt cycle:

F First cycle.
S Second cycle.
T Third cycle.
4 Fourth cycle.
D Definitive.
U Unknown.

The second character qualifies the cycle.

C Between molts.
P Undergoing molts, e.g., FPA for a bird undergoing first pre-alternate molt.
A “At least;” for example, SAB for “at least third Basic.”

The third character describes the plumage.

J Juvenal.
F Formative.
A Alternate.
S Supplemental.
B Basic.
U Unknown.