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4.21. Status code

The Bird Banding Lab defines many status codes: see the North American Bird Banding Manual for the full set.

Because only a few show up in practice, we define here a single-character code for each one. The single-character code is used in actual data entry, and the data compiler will translate it to the BBL's code. See the “status” field under Section 6.13, “The encounter body section”.

BBL codeIBP codeMeaning
0000 Not banded, released alive.
3003 Banded, released (normal).
3011 Banded, released with color bands.
3188 Banded, released after a blood sample was taken.
3252 Two or more types of auxiliary markers.
5005 Injured bird, released.
5016 Injured bird, released with color bands.
5189 Injured bird, released after a blood sample was taken.
7007 Rehab bird.


The data compiler checks this field only syntactically, not semantically. Status 301, for example, should always be used if a bird is color-banded, but the compiler does not complain if a bander uses status 300 on a record that carries a color-band field.