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4. Banding sheet layout

The major difference between the MAPS and MAWS sheets is that MAPS banders use the USF&W Banding Lab's four-letter species code, while MAWS sheets use IBP's six-letter species code based on the genus and species name.

The current MAPS data sheets, as well as full documentation for how to fill them out, is at the MAPS Materials page. The MAWS data sheets are identical except for the six-letter species code and some sheet headings.

Each banding data sheet comes in three varieties: new bands, unbanded, and recap. The body of the sheet is the same, however; only the headings change.

Only three relevant items are encoded at the top of the banding sheet:

Following sections discuss the fields on the main grid from left to right.

4.1. Bander's initials

Bander initials will not be encoded.