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7.6. Looking up species codes: spec2004 and others

Also included in this suite are three scripts that look up species names in the various authority files:

All these scripts take the same, single command line argument. This argument can be any of:

All searching will be case-independent, so searching for code WITU and code witu will have the same effect. Regular expressions will also be case-independent.

If the command line argument has exactly four letters, it will be treated as a 4-letter code lookup; if it has exactly six letters, it will be looked for in the 6-letter codes. To search for a regular expression that happens to contain exactly four or six letters, enclose the expression in parentheses. For example, the command

$ spec2004 merl

would search for the 4-letter code MERL, but the command

$ spec2004 '(merl)'

would search for all English names containing the string “merl”. The single-quotes are necessary to avoid their interpretation by the Unix shell.