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5. The current MAPS/MAWS output format

The sole output of this system is a single type of file representing encoded banding data. The file is a “flat file,” in which every field has the same number of characters on every line. The layout of this file is stipulated by IBP, although there are minor changes from year to year.

The authority for the format of the flat file output by this system is a dBASE V file named BNDSTR04.DBF. The sections below, describing each field, are titled with the dBASE V field names.

LOCC4 Location code.
BSC2 Band size.
PGC3 Page number, right-justified.
CC1 Capture code.
BANDC9 Band number.
SPECC4 In MAPS sets, the four-letter species code. Left blank in MAWS sets.
SPEC6C6 In MAWS sets, the six-letter species code. Left blank in MAPS sets.
AGEC1 Age code. Old-style codes (e.g., “L”) are converted to new-style codes.
HAC2 How-aged codes, left-justified with blank fill.
WRPC3 WRP molt cycle code.
SEXC1 Sex code.
HSC2 How-sexed codes, left-justified with blank fill.
SKC1 Skull ossification code.
CPC1 Cloacal protuberance code.
BPC1 Brood patch code.
FC1 Fat code.
BMC1 Body molt code.
FMC1 Flight feather molt code.
FWC1 Flight feather wear code.
JPC1 Juvenal plumage code.
WNGN3 Wing chord in millimeters.
WEIGHTN5 Weight in decigrams.
STATUSC3 Status code; see Section 4.21, “Status code”.
TIMEC3 Time as “HHM”; see Section 4.23, “Capture time”.
STATIONC4 Four-letter station code.
NETC4 Net number, left-justified.
DISPC1 Disposition code; see Section 4.26, “Disposition”.
NOTEC2 Note number; see Section 4.27, “Note number”.
PPCC1 Primary coverts micro-aging field; see Section 4.18, “Micro-aging fields”.
SSCC1 Secondary coverts micro-aging.
PPFC1 Primaries micro-aging.
SSFC1 Secondaries micro-aging.
TTC1 Tertials micro-aging.
RRC1 Rectrices micro-aging.
HDC1 Head plumage micro-aging (obsolete).
UPPC1 Upperparts micro-aging (obsolete).
UNPC1 Underparts micro-aging (obsolete).
BPLC1 Body plumage micro-aging.
NFC1 Non-feather micro-aging.
FPC1 Feather-pulled code.
COLORC5 Color bands, left-justified.
SWABC1 Cloacal swab taken; see Section 4.29, “Cloacal swab”.

5.1. MAPS 2006 output format

The .ban file written by the MAPS data compiler for the 2006-2012 field seasons is identical to the 2004 output format, except that it does not have the WRP molt cycle codes.