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2. Installation

The following sections describe installation of the software on a Unix-like system from either a ZIP archive or from the Web.

At the moment, the author has not prepared a Windows installation. The principal tools (Python and emacs) do, however, run on Windows.

2.1. Unix installation from a .zip archive

This software is distributed on a CD-ROM as a ZIP archive named

Move this archive file to the directory above where you want the files to live, then unzip the archive with:


This will create subdirectory iband7, which contains the external specification. Under this are two subdirectories:

  • iband7/ims contains Python documentation and files.

  • iband7/emacs contains documentation and files for the emacs extensions.

To set up a working directory where you can edit and process files, see the list of files in Section 1.1, “Files generated from this document”. You will find all these files in subdirectory iband7/ims. Copy all the scripts such as iband8, plus all files ending in .py, to your working directory.

If you are using the emacs extensions, copy all the files whose names end in .el from subdirectory iband7/emacs to your working directory.