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49. class MicroPPCField: Primary coverts micro-aging field

This and the following classes are all the same except for the class name and field description their .scanField() methods pass to SingleItem.scanField(). All are derived from Section 48, “class MicroAgingField: Base class for microaging fields”. Class names are taken from IBP's dBASE V field names; for example, this field is called PPC in their database.

Three older micro-aging fields—HD, UPP, and UPP—are not in the base class. Different values could appear in the micro-aging columns in those older protocols. Therefore these fields must be defined in derived classes.
# - - - - -   c l a s s   M i c r o P P C F i e l d   - - - - -

class MicroPPCField(MicroAgingField):
    '''Represents the primary coverts micro-aging field.

    def scanField(encounter, scan, fieldName):
        '''Scan a PPC field.
        SingleField.scanField(encounter, scan, fieldName,
                              MicroPPCField, "PPC")