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77. class Maws2007Encounter

This is a specialization of the BaseEncounter class that handles the MAWS 2007 protocol's different encounter body section format. The output record is the same as MAPS 2006.
# - - - - -   c l a s s   M a w s 2 0 0 7 E n c o u n t e r   - - - - -

class Maws2007Encounter(BaseEncounter):
    '''Represents the MAWS 2007 encounter record.

      Exports:  As inherited.

77.1. Maws2007Encounter.BODY_FIELD_LIST

This is the class attribute that specifies the sequence of fields in the body section of a banding encounter record. This table is the same as that of the base class, except:

  • We substitute Spec6Field for Spec4Field as the first field. This scans the six-letter species code used by MAWS, instead of the four-letter species code used by MAPS.

  • Because the encounter date in MAWS sets is sometimes a different year than the year from the file name, we substitute the MawsDateField class for DateField. See Section 64, “class MawsDateField: MAWS date field”.
# - - -   M a w s 2 0 0 7 E n c o u n t e r . s c a n B o d y   - - -

      (Spec6Field,        SPEC6_ATTR),
      (AgeCodeField,      AGE_CODE_ATTR),
      (HowGroupField,     HOW_AGED_ATTR),
      (SexCodeField,      SEX_CODE_ATTR),
      (HowGroupField,     HOW_SEXED_ATTR),
      (SkullField,        SKULL_ATTR),
      (CloacalField,      CLOACAL_ATTR),
      (BroodField,        BROOD_ATTR),
      (FatField,          FAT_ATTR),
      (BodyMoltField,     BODY_MOLT_ATTR),
      (FlightMoltField,   FLIGHT_MOLT_ATTR),
      (FlightWearField,   FLIGHT_WEAR_ATTR),
      (JuvenalField,      JUVENAL_ATTR),
      (MicroPPCField,     MICRO_PPC_ATTR),
      (MicroSSCField,     MICRO_SSC_ATTR),
      (MicroPPFField,     MICRO_PPF_ATTR),
      (MicroSSFField,     MICRO_SSF_ATTR),
      (MicroTTField,      MICRO_TT_ATTR),
      (MicroRRField,      MICRO_RR_ATTR),
      (MicroBPLField,     MICRO_BPL_ATTR),
      (MicroNFField,      MICRO_NF_ATTR),
      (WingField,         WING_ATTR),
      (MassField,         MASS_ATTR),
      (StatusField,       STATUS_ATTR),
      (MawsDateField,     DATE_ATTR),
      (HHMField,          TIME_ATTR) ]