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76. class Maps2004Encounter

This class contains the parsing logic and output record definition of the MAPS 2004 protocol.
# - - - - -   c l a s s   M a p s 2 0 0 4 E n c o u n t e r   - - - - -

class Maps2004Encounter(BaseEncounter):
    '''Represents the MAPS 2004 encounter record.

      Exports:  As inherited.

76.1. Maps2004Encounter.OUT_FIELD_LIST: Output format definition

This list of field classes and field names is identical to the one for the MAPS 2006 protocol except that it lacks the very last field, the cloacal swab code. For the field layout, see the specification.
      (LocationField,      LOCATION_ATTR),
      (BandSizeField,      BAND_SIZE_ATTR),
      (PageNoField,        PAGE_NO_ATTR),
      (CaptureCodeField,   CAPTURE_CODE_ATTR),
      (BandNoField,        BAND_NO_ATTR),
      (Spec4Field,         SPEC4_ATTR),
      (Spec6Field,         SPEC6_ATTR),
      (AgeCodeField,       AGE_CODE_ATTR),
      (HowGroupField,      HOW_AGED_ATTR),
      (SexCodeField,       SEX_CODE_ATTR),
      (HowGroupField,      HOW_SEXED_ATTR),
      (SkullField,         SKULL_ATTR),
      (CloacalField,       CLOACAL_ATTR),
      (BroodField,         BROOD_ATTR),
      (FatField,           FAT_ATTR),
      (BodyMoltField,      BODY_MOLT_ATTR),
      (FlightMoltField,    FLIGHT_MOLT_ATTR),
      (FlightWearField,    FLIGHT_WEAR_ATTR),
      (JuvenalField,       JUVENAL_ATTR),
      (WingField,          WING_ATTR),
      (MassField,          MASS_ATTR),
      (StatusField,        STATUS_ATTR),
      (DateField,          DATE_ATTR),
      (HHMField,           TIME_ATTR),
      (StationCodeField,   STATION_ATTR),
      (Net2Field,          NET_ATTR),
      (DispositionField,   DISPOSITION_ATTR),
      (NoteField,          NOTE_ATTR),
      (MicroPPCField,      MICRO_PPC_ATTR),
      (MicroSSCField,      MICRO_SSC_ATTR),
      (MicroPPFField,      MICRO_PPF_ATTR),
      (MicroSSFField,      MICRO_SSF_ATTR),
      (MicroTTField,       MICRO_TT_ATTR),
      (MicroRRField,       MICRO_RR_ATTR),
      (MicroHDField,       MICRO_HD_ATTR),
      (MicroUPPField,      MICRO_UPP_ATTR),
      (MicroUNPField,      MICRO_UNP_ATTR),
      (MicroBPLField,      MICRO_BPL_ATTR),
      (MicroNFField,       MICRO_NF_ATTR),
      (PulledField,        PULLED_ATTR),
      (ColorBandsField,    COLOR_BANDS_ATTR) ]