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31. class CaptureCodeField: Encounter record type code

Although this field inherits from FieldItem, it does not have a .scanField() method, just a .flatten() method used when writing the output record. For code values, see the specification.
# - - - - -   c l a s s   C a p t u r e C o d e F i e l d   - - - - -

class CaptureCodeField(FieldItem):
    '''Represents a capture code that identifies the encounter type.

      Exports: as inherited.

31.1. CaptureCodeField.flatten()

Field-flattener for the capture code.
# - - -   C a p t u r e C o d e F i e l d . f l a t t e n   - - -

    def flatten(captureCodeField):
        '''Field flattener.
        if  captureCodeField is None:
            return ' '
            return captureCodeField.value