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74.18. BaseEncounter.tailPulled(): Scan feather-pulled tail field

Processes a feather-pulled code from a tail field. See Section 71, “class PulledField: Feather-pulled code”.
# - - -   B a s e E n c o u n t e r . t a i l P u l l e d   - - -

    def tailPulled(self, scan):
        '''Parse a feather-pulled code.

          [ scan is a Scan object ->
              if scan starts with a feather-pulled code ->
                scan  :=  scan advanced past that code
                self.(PULLED_ATTR)  :=  a PulledField
                    object representing that code
              else ->
                Log()  +:=  error message(s)
                raise SyntaxError ]
        PulledField.scanField(self, scan, PULLED_ATTR)