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74.2. BaseEncounter.OUT_FIELD_LIST: Definition of the output format

For the output record format, see the specification.

This class attribute defines the layout of the output record as a list of pairs (C, n) defining the fields in order. C is the name of the class (inheriting from FieldItem) that knows how to flatten an attribute of a BaseEncounter, and n is the name of the attribute.
      (LocationField,      LOCATION_ATTR),
      (BandSizeField,      BAND_SIZE_ATTR),
      (PageNoField,        PAGE_NO_ATTR),
      (CaptureCodeField,   CAPTURE_CODE_ATTR),
      (BandNoField,        BAND_NO_ATTR),
      (Spec4Field,         SPEC4_ATTR),
      (Spec6Field,         SPEC6_ATTR),
      (AgeCodeField,       AGE_CODE_ATTR),
      (HowGroupField,      HOW_AGED_ATTR),
      (WrpField,           WRP_ATTR),
      (SexCodeField,       SEX_CODE_ATTR),
      (HowGroupField,      HOW_SEXED_ATTR),
      (SkullField,         SKULL_ATTR),
      (CloacalField,       CLOACAL_ATTR),
      (BroodField,         BROOD_ATTR),
      (FatField,           FAT_ATTR),
      (BodyMoltField,      BODY_MOLT_ATTR),
      (FlightMoltField,    FLIGHT_MOLT_ATTR),
      (FlightWearField,    FLIGHT_WEAR_ATTR),
      (JuvenalField,       JUVENAL_ATTR),
      (WingField,          WING_ATTR),
      (MassField,          MASS_ATTR),
      (StatusField,        STATUS_ATTR),
      (DateField,          DATE_ATTR),
      (HHMField,           TIME_ATTR),
      (StationCodeField,   STATION_ATTR),
      (Net2Field,          NET_ATTR),
      (DispositionField,   DISPOSITION_ATTR),
      (NoteField,          NOTE_ATTR),
      (MicroPPCField,      MICRO_PPC_ATTR),
      (MicroSSCField,      MICRO_SSC_ATTR),
      (MicroPPFField,      MICRO_PPF_ATTR),
      (MicroSSFField,      MICRO_SSF_ATTR),
      (MicroTTField,       MICRO_TT_ATTR),
      (MicroRRField,       MICRO_RR_ATTR),
      (MicroHDField,       MICRO_HD_ATTR),
      (MicroUPPField,      MICRO_UPP_ATTR),
      (MicroUNPField,      MICRO_UNP_ATTR),
      (MicroBPLField,      MICRO_BPL_ATTR),
      (MicroNFField,       MICRO_NF_ATTR),
      (PulledField,        PULLED_ATTR),
      (ColorBandsField,    COLOR_BANDS_ATTR),
      (SwabField,          SWAB_ATTR) ]