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5. ibp.el: Common logic

The functionality of this package boils down to two emacs functions that are intended to bound to specific keys:

This package assumes that a global vector named ibp-field-list to have been loaded. That vector describes the fields in the encounter line, so that the tab and duplicate function know which groups of characters on the line are considered a field. For the files that define this vector, see Section 4, “Top-level modules”.

5.1. Introduction to ibp.el

Some definitions:


The part of the record up to, but not including, the species code. In general, this includes the encounter code and the band number. For recap lines, the encounter code may be omitted. The band number may be either all nine characters, or just the last two.


The fixed-format part of the record following the head. For the purposes of this package, the net field is the last field in the record. Data after that may be missing, and tab and duplicate functions are of little or no use.

This terminology differs from that used in the internal specification: in that document, the fixed-format part of the record is called the body, while the fields following the net field are called the tail.