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5.8. ibp-line-head-length: How long is the head of this line?

This function returns the length of the head portion of a line, given a line-type symbol such as 'long-head.

;; - - -   i b p - l i n e - h e a d - l e n g t h   - - -

(defun ibp-line-head-length (kind)
  "Determines the length of the head part of a line of a given type.

    [ if (line is a ibp-line-object) ->
        return the head length in characters for line's type ]
  (cond ((eq kind 'lost-destroyed) 3)
        ((eq kind 'short-head) 3)
        ((eq kind 'short-recap) 9)
        ((eq kind 'long-head) 10)
        (t nil)))        ;; Not defined except for transaction lines