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Christmas Bird Count: Circle history report request

Important notes:

You can use this page to request a report summarizing the records from a single CBC circle. The taxonomy used is of the Forty-third supplement to the American Ornithologists' Union Check-List of North American Birds, published in 2002.

  1. See `Index to Christmas Bird Counts' to find the lat-long coordinates of the circle. Jot down these coordinates (or print the pages for your states or provinces of interest).
    Note: Some circle have changed names or moved their centers over the years. If the center has shifted, note all the different coordinates it has used. For example, the Clayton, NM count has used two different centers, 3630 10313 and 3633 10315.
    For information about the index page, see `Christmas Bird Count: Using the index to counts'.
    See also the experimental count index, which presents the same information in a more attractive form. The author plans to enhance this index eventually so that you can click on the name of a circle to get the historical report.
  2. Return to this page and enter the coordinates in the fields below. Enter the four-digit latitude (as ddmm, where dd=degrees and mm=minutes) in the first field, and the five-digit latitude (dddmm) in the second. (If there are multiple centers, enter the other coordinates on the successive lines.)
  3. The default format uses 8 data columns per line. You may wish to adjust this value so that the report will fit on your screen.
  4. Click on the Generate CBC Report button. Please be patient, especially for circles with a long history. Some reports may take several minutes to generate, not counting the time required to download the report.

For a discussion of how to read the report, see `Interpreting the CBC circle history report'.

Lat (ddmm): Lon (dddmm): First or only center coordinates
Lat (ddmm): Lon (dddmm): Other coordinates as necessary
Lat (ddmm): Lon (dddmm):
Lat (ddmm): Lon (dddmm):
Number of columns

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