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5.5. The Circle class

Each instance represents a circle with its center at a specific latitude and longitude, to the nearest minute.


Latitude as a string of four digits, "ddmm".


Longitude as a string of five digits, "dddmm".


Water-body code: " ", "p", "o", or "e".


Odd-shape code, " ", "p", or "x".


Full name of the circle, as Unicode.


An iterator that produces the Region instances for this circle's regions, in standard order as published.


An iterator that produces the Physio instances for this circle's physiographic strata. If there are two, the first is the major stratum and the second is the minor stratum.


An iterator that produces the Effort instances for the circle-years this circle was counted, in chronological order.


Returns a string of the form “R0[-R1[-R2]]”, where each Ri is one of the region codes for this circle.


This method returns a string of the form “ddmmn dddmmw R0[-R1[-R2]]: cir_name ”. Example: "3843n 08528w IN-KY: Hanover-Madison".


Returns a string like “38°43N 085°28W IN-KY: Hanover-Madison”.