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Errata to 18th Christmas Bird Count database

For the interpretation of this report, see How to read the Christmas Bird Count correction reports

18th: #83 DC: Washington B

Wrong Context Right
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker 1
flicker sp. 12
flicker sp. 2
Blue Jay 5

18th: #139 OR: Multnomah

Wrong Context Right
Brewer's Blackbird 35
Golden-crowned Kinglet 2
Golden-crowned Sparrow 2
Oregon Junco 241
Wrong Context Right
Oregon Junco 241
Rusty Song Sparrow 11
Rusty Song Sparrow 19
Oregon Towhee 11
Western Winter Wren 1
Western Golden-crowned Kinglet 11
Ruby-crowned Kinglet 15

18th: #140 OR: Portland A

Wrong Context Right
Great Blue Heron 2
American Coot 87
American Coot 25
Ring-necked Pheasant 1
Desert Sparrow Hawk 2
Northwestern Flicker 6
Western Crow 87
Northwestern Crow 2

18th: #145 CA: Santa Barbara

Wrong Context Right
California Black Rail 1
Coot 100
Coot 1,000
Least Sandpiper 200

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