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Christmas Bird Count Database corrections

Proofreading computer data entry is quite time-consuming, and can take as much or even more time than the original entry. Fortunately, there is a quick way to cut way down on the labor of proofing the Christmas Bird Count database.

Since the earliest published CBCs, count compilers have provided totals of the number of individuals for each circle. If the totals are correct, and the data entry gets done correctly, the total from the database should match the published totals.

Therefore the author has proofread only those circles whose totals do not match the published numbers. The circles with discrepancies are well under half the total number. Of those circles, sometimes the total still disagrees; this proofing effort will not help in such cases, caused by clerical errors elsewhere in the publishing pipeline.

Here are the corrections detected by this process that are not yet reflected in Audubon's database. For a discussion of how to read these reports, see `How to read the Christmas Bird Count correction reports'.

Each report is available in both Web and PDF form.

The author wishes to express deep gratitude to the National Audubon Society for continuing to support this work.

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