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Christmas Bird Counts in New Mexico

In my capacity as regional editor for Christmas Bird Counts in the state of New Mexico, my duties are to review records for all counts in the state and to write a brief synopsis of each year's counts.

Guidelines for compilers

It is not necessary to send me the actual census; enter it at Audubon's regular compiler site and I'll get it from there.

Please send details of unusual species directly to me by snail or e-mail:

Frequently asked questions

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions from compilers:

To get a Web page showing the complete history of any count circle in the state, see the CBC history report request page. It shows every bird ever counted in that circle, as well as the mean and standard deviation of the numbers for each bird. You can get the report as Web pages or as a PDF.

Species of special concern

I freely admit that I am not as active in the field as I once was. I rely on a number of professional ornithologists and active field birders for current information, especially Sandy Williams, Christopher Rustay, John Parmeter, and Jerry Oldenettel, but I am responsible for the final decisions.

There are a number of species for which these experts feel I should always ask for strong evidence—detailed writeups, if not photos.

List of first occurrences

New Mexico Christmas Bird Count first records

Documentation of rarities

Here are some photos of unusual birds from previous years.

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