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Christmas Bird Count: Methodology over the years

Marty Floyd, of the Natural Resources Conservation Service, prepared this summary of the changes in CBC methodology through the 88th CBC (1987-88).
CBC #Changes
1st25 counts with 27 participants, published in Bird Lore (Jan.-Feb.)
17thFifteen mile circle diameter established
38thAdded miles along with hours of count
41st$0.10/person fee established
42ndCounts published in Audubon Magazine supplement
45thAdded habitat percentages
48thFee discontinued, published in Audubon Field Notes
51stDesignated party-miles and party-hours on foot, by car, etc.
54thListed species seen day before/after count day but not on count day
56thListed species seen during count period but not on count day
57thFee re-established at $0.50/person, established minimum of 8 hours except in Arctic
67thEstablished latitude/longitude of count center
69th$1.00/person fee
72ndPublished in American Birds
74thNumber of feeder watchers included; extra $1.00 for non-subscribers to receive copy of American Birds CBC issue
75thFeeder watcher number and hours included; Rock Dove counted
76thRequest for list of mammals seen on counts
77th$1.50/person fee
80thOwling hours included
83rdOwling miles and hours counted separately
85th$3/person fee
86thReferred to description in earlier publication
87thFormat change to tabular form
88thReturn to original format; raise fee to $5

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