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Christmas Bird Count: Status of the CBC database project

Note: This site is a relic of an earlier stage in the development of the Christmas Bird Count Database. For the current version, see Audubon's Christmas Bird Count pages.

Zoological Data Processing has developed a database of all the historical Christmas Bird Counts from the first CBC in 1900 through the present.

These database files, plus the PostScript documentation and files defining the nomenclatural base for the bird name encoding scheme, are available via ftp from Start by downloading the README.CBC file, which describes the remaining files.

If you cannot handle the PostScript documentation files, see the HTML versions:

This work was supported by contracts from the National Biological Survey, the National Audubon Society, and the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology. The author wishes to convey his great appreciation for this support.

Most especial thanks are also due the hundreds of thousands of people who, starting in 1900, took the time to go into the field, do the counting, and then record their results for posterity.

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