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Christmas Bird Count: Using the index to counts

Note: This site is a relic of an earlier stage in the development of the Christmas Bird Count Database. For the current version, see the BirdSource homepage at Cornell.

The attached `Index to Christmas Bird Counts' describes all the count circles in the CBC database.

It is organized by state or province, with all the Canadian provinces listed first, followed by the one French territory (St.-Pierre and Miquelon Islands), then the U.S. states. Circles falling in more than one region are included under all their regions.

Format of the index

This index shows all the names of the counts as published. Here is a typical entry:

 * Bosque del Apache N.W.R., NM 3348n 10653w[64-69,71-73,75-97]
The circle's name comes first, then the state code (NM), then the latitude (33 degrees 48 minutes N) and longitude (106 degrees 53 minutes west). The bracketed numbers show in which years this circle has been counted: in this case the 64th-69th, 71st-73rd, and 75th-97th counts (1963-68, 1970-72, and 1974-96).

When this circle is now shown under a different name, the new name is shown after a right arrow (->). Here is an example:

 * Lakes Avalon-McMillan, NM 3232n 10417w -> Lakes Avalon-Brantley,
This entry shows a count whose name has changed, but its center coordinates are still the same. If the coordinates have also changed, the new coordinates are shown after the right arrow:
 * Sevilleta N.W.R., NM 3419n 10757w -> 3419n 10657w[87]
The above example shows that the longitude shown as 10757w in the 87th count is actually 10657w.

For earlier years, no coordinates were published. Entries for these years look like this:

 * Bosque del Apache N.W.R., NM 0000n 00000w -> 3348n 10653w[56-58]
This means that the 56th-58th counts had no coordinates but we think the circle was centered at 3348n 10653w.
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