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14.3. row-key

This specification function describes the key used in the dictionary that stores the rows of the detail table, one row per different kind of bird.

The major key for sorting rows of the census table is the taxonomic key number defined in the package. The secondary key is the English name in inverted order, because many records with different kinds of birds will resolve to the same taxonomic key number.

This specification function is defined in terms of a triple (form, rel, alt_form) which occurs in the pycbc.Census instance and also in the abbrMod.BirdId instance. Note that the actual BirdId() constructor requires a taxonomy definition as an xnomo3.Txny instance, but in this program we deal with only one taxonomy at a time.
# row-key(form, rel, alt_form) ==
#   (taxonomic key number for BirdId(form, rel, alt_form),
#   English name for BirdId(form, rel, alt_form))