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8.2. regx.cgi: Imports

# - - - - -   I m p o r t s

Most of the imported modules are the same as for Section 6.2, “pickaregion.cgi: Imports”.

import sys
import pycbc
import cbchistlib as lib
import tccpage2 as tp
from etbuilder import et, E, CLASS, subElement

The re module is Python's regular expression matching machine.

import re

Constants related to the form on the top-level page are defined in Section 7, “ Form constants for the top-level page”. Constants related to the form on the page regx.cgi generates are defined in Section 9, “ Form constants for the regional index page”.

import topform
import regform

We need the standard Python cgi library to receive the CGI arguments.

import cgi

The singleton module comes from the author's standard library.

import singleton