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12. Imports
# - - - - -   I m p o r t s

import sys

We need the math module to do stastical calculations.
import math

The openDatabase() function needs access to the pycbc module.
import pycbc

We need some items from the etbuilder module to build XHTML.
from etbuilder import CLASS, subElement, E, addText

The tccpage2 module sets up standardized XHTML page navigation style.
import tccpage2 as tp

The fosox module is for XSL-FO generation.
import fosox as fo

Two service routines, Section 52, “anchorName(): Format a page anchor” and Section 53, “latLonKey(): Generate the lat-lon key for a given circle”, need items from the regform module.
import regform

We need the companion library of xnomo3, To avoid confusion with local variables named abbr, we import it as abbrMod.
import abbr as abbrMod