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10.32. hist.cgi: foTableColumns()

This function generates one table-column element for each physical table column. For the computation of the detail column count, see Section 28.1, “CbcHist.nPhysCols(): How many physical detail columns will this occupy?”; the total column count is one larger, because of the row-label column. For the styling of each element, see Section 13.11.11, “FO_DETAIL_COL_WIDE.

# - - -   f o T a b l e C o l u m n s

def foTableColumns(s, cbcHist):
    '''Generate the table-column elements.
    #-- 1
    # [ nPhysCols  :=  number of physical columns cbcHist will
    #       require, but no more than lib.MAX_PHYS_COLS ]
    nPhysCols = cbcHist.nPhysCols(lib.MAX_PHYS_COLS)

    #-- 2
    # [ s  +:=  one unsized column and (nPhysCols) columns of
    #           width lib.FO_DETAIL_COL_WIDE ]
    for colx in range(nPhysCols):
        s.leaf('table-column', lib.FO_DETAIL_COL_WIDE)