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13.10. XSL-FO layout constants

These constants are used by Section 10.25, “hist.cgi: foMasters(): Set up the XSL-FO page layout” to define XSL-FO page masters as part of process of generating the PDF.


Name of the page-sequence-master.

13.10.2. ODD_MASTER

Name of the simple-page-master for odd pages.
ODD_MASTER = 'odd'

13.10.3. EVEN_MASTER

Name of the simple-page-master for even pages.
EVEN_MASTER = 'even'

13.10.4. ODD_BEFORE

Name of the odd-page header region.
ODD_BEFORE = 'odd-before'

13.10.5. EVEN_BEFORE

Name of the even-page header region.
EVEN_BEFORE = 'even-before'

13.10.6. ODD_DIMS

An fo.PageDims instance describing the layout of odd pages. We start with the stock instance for letter paper and modify the margins. The computation for width is: 51 picas - 4 picas left margin - 3 picas right margin = 44 picas.
ODD_DIMS = fo.pageDimsFactory(fo.PAPER_LETTER)
ODD_DIMS.pageMargins.left = "4pc"
ODD_DIMS.pageMargins.right = "3pc" = "3pc" = "0pt"

13.10.7. EVEN_DIMS

An fo.PageDims instance for the layout of even pages.
EVEN_DIMS = fo.pageDimsFactory(fo.PAPER_LETTER)
EVEN_DIMS.pageMargins.left = "3pc"
EVEN_DIMS.pageMargins.right = "4pc" = "3pc" = "0pt"


Running head for the PDF report.
GENERIC_HEADER = "Christmas Bird Count history report"