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42. class CensusCell: Accumulator for counts of individual birds
# - - - - -   c l a s s   C e n s u s C e l l

class CensusCell(Cell):
    '''Displays counts of individuals.

          [ return a new, empty CensusCell instance ]
          [ census is a pycbc.Census instance ->
              self  :=  self with number of individuals added from
                        census ]

Internally we maintain four counts: regular, questionable, count-week, and questionable count-week. Each of these counts is maintained as an instance of Section 43, “class CensusTotal: Number of individuals in one category”: that class handles the problem of combining known numbers with unknown numbers.
          [ number of regular individuals as a CensusTotal instance ]
          [ number of questionable individuals as a CensusTotal ]
          [ number of count-week individuals as a CensusTotal ]
          [ number of questionable count-week individuals as a
            CensusTotal ]
    __slots__ = ('_regular', '_q', '_plus', '_qPlus')