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36.3. CensusRowLabel._htmlSimple()
# - - -   C e n s u s R o w L a b e l . _ h t m l S i m p l e

    def _htmlSimple(self, sox):
        '''Format the census row label for a simple form.

          [ sox is a sox.Sox instance ->
              if self.birdId.abbr is defined in self.birdId.txny ->
                sox  +:=  the Taxon for self.birdId.abbr, formatted
                          as XHTML in inverted order
              else -> raise ScriptError ]

The Txny.abbrToHtmlComma() method does just what we need: returns the English name as a string, with HTML markup for italics, and paired double-quotes for names like “Brewster's” Warbler.
        #-- 1
        # [ sox  +:=  the English name for self.birdId, as HTML,
        #             in inverted order ]