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36.9. CensusRowLabel._foItalicize(): Render in italics
# - - -   C e n s u s R o w L a b e l . _ f o I t a l i c i z e

    def _foItalicize(self, s, text):
        '''Render (text) in italics.

          [ (s is a sox.Sox instance) and (text is a string) ->
              s  +:=  text in italics, with double-quote characters
                  replaced alternately by “ and ” ]

Italicization in XSL-FO is achieved by wrapping the text in an inline element with font-style='italic'. See Section 36.10, “CensusRowLabel._foRealQuotes() for the double-quote substitution logic.
        #-- 1
        inline = s.start("inline", fo.dash(fontStyle='italic'))
        self._foRealQuotes(s, text)