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Documentation for the 116th La Luz-Otero Co. (NM) CBC

Falcon, Peregrine

Description from Mark Pendleton: Seen perched on top of power line pole on US 82 just a short ways NNW of the intersection of 82 and US 54/70 a few miles N of Alamogordo NM. Dark falcon with light underparts showing dark mottling. Had distinctive Peregrine "helmet head" look (the moustachial stripe being more of a blackish wedge; nape and crown also very dark with light area between nape and moustachial wedge) looked like it was wearing a Roman soldier's helmet minus the top plume.

Woodpecker, Red-headed

Sapsucker, Yellow-bellied

Warbler, Yellow-throated

Bunting, Lazuli

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