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Documentation for the 113th Orilla Verde (NM) CBC

Wild Turkey (Robert Templeton)

The 19 WITU were observed in two groups.

14 were reported in Cañoncito just below where the Rio Embudo enters the Embudo Valley (36.179304, -105.832732). We believe that this is the same group of WITU that were first reported in the 108th (17 individuals) and then again in 110th (7 individuals). They have wintered in the same area ranging over 3 small farms during those years, but not the years in between. I suspect that they breed somewhere upslope towards Peñasco, but don't know for sure. I have attached the original Rare Bird Report from the 108th and here is a link to photos from that same winter.

5 WITU were recorded about 1 mile south of the Taos County Line boat takeout in Rinconada. There were 6 in a group that were regularly observed by residents in that location for at least all of November and December. I observed them flying across the Rio Grande from one bosque to another on November 14. 5 of them were observed on count day.

Horned Lark

Horned Lark
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