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Documentation for the 113th Caballo (NM) CBC

(Mexican Duck) Mallard (John Douglas)

My call after seeing a pair of Mallards somewhat separate from another group. We looked thru scope and the male was darker than most of the other males and had no sign of any green in the head. More like a Mottled or Black male. The female -- I can't give you any good reason except with this male. If you have any good tips on how to tell female hybrids and pure apart, would sure like to know how. Were they pure or hybrid -- not sure.

Blue-gray Gnatcatcher (Al Trompler)

Pair of Gnatcatchers foraging in scrub willow[seep willow baccharis] shoots at arroyo mouth above sand and gravel shore. Birds showed gray back color, color continuing over nape and crown, face and under parts light gray, eye ring not particularly prominent. Tail viewed from above-black with white edges, viewed from below all white.

Sage Thrasher (John Douglas)

Smaller and with a straighter bill and some streaking, yellow eye, just looks different than the other thrashers. I am always amazed we don't see more of them on these counts.

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