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Computer applications in wildlife science

Mission statement: Zoological Data Processing is a contractor specializing in the application of appropriate software technology to produce useful software tools for the working wildlife biologist. Projects include:
Nomenclatural support systems:
All wildlife work requires an infrastructure describing the taxonomy of the organisms. Refer to the author's `Overview of systems for encoding bird names'.
Christmas Bird Counts (CBCs):
Every year since 1900, volunteers have censused birds in the early winter all across North America. We built the CBC database containing the first 98 years' data and transferred it to the National Audubon Society, where it is now online under Audubon's Christmas Bird Count web.
New Mexico CBCs:
I am currently serving as the regional editor for Christmas Bird Counts in New Mexico. If you are a compiler for one of these counts, please see my resource page for compilers.
Institute for Bird Populations, Point Reyes Station, CA:
Data entry systems for banding data, point count census data, and surveys of vegetative cover.
New Mexico Department of Game & Fish:
Databases of fish specimen collections, roadside raptor surveys, and aerial waterfowl surveys.
Geographic applications:
Converting locality records from township/range coordinates to latitude/longitude coordinates, or Cartesian offsets from named places.

Services include systems analysis; software design, implementation, and maintenance; documentation and training; data entry and database production; and technical writing and typesetting.

Areas of particular expertise include software engineering; the design and maintenance of encoding systems for representing the identity and space-time locality of wildlife records; and high-accuracy, high-throughput data entry methods.

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