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8.4. abbrSet: Bird code definitions

The abbrSet element is a simple container for ab6 elements, each of which defines one of the valid six-letter bird codes.

abbrSet = element abbrSet { abbr* }
abbr = element abbr
{ attribute code { text },
  attribute sci { text },

The code attribute of an abbr element is the bird code being defined, in uppercase.


The sci attribute is the scientific name of the taxon to which this code is assigned. All such attribute values must be defined in some child of the taxonomy element.


The text content of an abbr element is the English name from which that code was derived, in inverted order. Underbar (“_”) characters may be included to show where italicization starts and stops.

Here's are some examples of abbr elements:

    <abbr code='CALLIN' sci='Carpodacus mexicanus'>
      Linnet, California
    <abbr code='PRHLAR' sci='Eremophila alpestris'>
      Lark, Prairie (_practicola_) Horned