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5.3.4.  Subspecific forms records in the .alt file

There are several reasons for assigning codes to forms that are a subset of a standard species:

So we use the term “subspecific form” loosely, to mean any identifiable form that refers to some subset of a standard species. For each such code, enter a line with this format:

  1. The six-letter code being defined.

  2. A less-than (<) symbol. This is the record type code for a subspecific form record.

  3. The six-letter code of the standard species that contains this form.

  4. One space, followed by the English name of this form. For multi-word names, use the inverted order, e.g., “Sparrow, Howell's Seaside”.

    Bracket species names between underbar (“_”) characters so that when possible they can be rendered in italics.

Examples of subspecific form lines:

agpchi<grpchi Prairie-Chicken, Attwater's Greater
agwtea<gnwtea Teal, American Green-winged
alcgoo<cangoo Goose, (Aleutian) Canada
axetea<gnwtea teal, (American x European) Green-winged
blugoo<snogoo Goose, Blue
branth<brant  Brant (_hrota_)
flcred<comrdp Redpoll, (_flammea_) Common
icggul<icegul Gull, Iceland (_glaucoides_)
prhlar<horlar Lark, Prairie (_practicola_) Horned