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5.3.2.  Higher taxon records in the .alt file

For each form above species rank in the hierarchy, enter a line of this format:

  1. Enter the six-letter code. If the code is shorter than six letters (e.g., RAIL), right-pad it to length 6 with spaces. You may use uppercase or lowercase letters, but codes are case-insensitive.

  2. Enter one space. This signifies that the record is for a higher taxon.

  3. Enter the scientific name of the higher taxon to which this code is referred. This name must be defined in the .std file.

  4. Enter one slash (“/”), then the English name.

    • Use the inverted order for multi-word names, e.g., “Owl, Great Gray”.

    • Bracket genus names between underbar (“_”) characters. When possible, underbars will be interpreted as start-italic and stop-italic markup.

Here are some complete examples of higher-taxon records.

albatr Diomedeidae/albatross sp.
larfal Falco/large falcon sp.
hawk   Accipitriformes/hawk sp.
accipi Accipiter/_Accipiter_ sp.
laracc Accipiter/large _Accipiter_ sp.