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7.2.  The abbreviations (.ab6) file

The .ab6 file defines all the six-letter bird abbreviations. Each abbreviation is specified by its taxon field, which is a relational link to the corresponding taxon record in the tree file. Fields are:

6 The six-letter bird code, uppercased and aligned flush-left in the field with right blanks.
36 The taxon to which this code is referred; a relational link to the same field in the .tre file.
varies The English name from which this abbreviation was derived, with no trailing whitespace and no underbar (_) characters.

Here are examples of lines from an .ab6 file:

ALCGOOBranta canadensis 2                 (Aleutian) Canada Goose
CALLINCarpodacus mexicanus                California Linnet

The first is for code ALCGOO, derived from the name “Aleutian Canada Goose,” and it is the second subspecific form for Branta canadensis, the Canada Goose. The second line is for code CALLIN, derived from the name “California Linnet,” an alternate name for House Finch, Carpodacus mexicanus.