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1. Introduction

The program described herein is part of a system for representing bird taxonomy as computer files. For the overall system documentation, see A system for representing bird taxonomy.

In particular, operation of the nomcompile3 program is described in a section of the above document: Building the standard product files. To recap, the program reads and checks a set of three files that describe a particular checklist, and writes a number of product files used elsewhere in the general system.

The input files are:

If no errors are detected, nomcompile3 writes four product files.

All these files, the input files and the output files, share the same base file name, which is specified as a command line argument. The naming convention: base name “aou7” is the Seventh Edition of the AOU Check-List; base name “aou749” is the arrangement published as the Forty-ninth Supplement; and so forth as new Supplement numbers are issued.

So, for the Forty-ninth Supplement, nomcompile3 would read input files ranks, aou749.std, and aou749.alt, and write aou749.xml, aou749.tre, aou749.ab6, and aou749.col.