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23. class RawTaxon: Temporary container for taxon attributes

An instance of this class is used to assemble the inherent properties of a taxon (such as its scientific name and status) before its context and position in the tree is known.

# - - - - -   c l a s s   R a w T a x o n

class RawTaxon(object):
    '''Temporary container for the attributes of a taxon.

        RawTaxon ( rankCode, sci, eng, status, canon, disamb ):
          [ (rankCode is a rank code as a string) and
            (sci is a scientific name) and
            (eng is an English name) and
            (status is a status code that matches STATUS_RE) and
            (canon is a canonical abbreviation or None) and
            (disamb is a disambiguated abbreviation or None) ->
              return a new RawTaxon instance representing those
              values ]
        .rankCode, .sci, .eng, .status, .canon, .disamb:
           [ all as passed to constructor, read-only ]
    def __init__ ( self, rankCode, sci, eng, status, canon, disamb ):
        self.rankCode = rankCode
        self.sci = sci
        self.eng = eng
        self.status = status = canon
        self.disamb = disamb