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17.22. Txny.__scanSubspecificAlt(): Scan a subspecific form line

# - - -   T x n y . _ _ s c a n S u b s p e c i f i c A l t

    def __scanSubspecificAlt ( self, scan, code ):
        '''Scan a line defining a sub-specific form.

          [ (scan is a Scan instance) and
            (code is a bird code) ->
              if (code+ALT_SUBSPECIES+(line in scan) are a valid
              subspecific alternate forms line ->
                scan  :=  scan advanced to end of line
                self.taxaTree  +:=  a new subspecies taxon
                    made from that line
                self.abTab  +:=  a new StdBind binding for (code)
                    to that new taxon
              else ->
                scan  :=  scan advanced no further than end of line
                Log()  +:=  error message(s)
                raise SyntaxError ]

Here are a couple of examples. Underbars are used to mark up words that should be presented in italics whenever possible.

branth<brant  Brant (_hrota_)
prhlar<horlar Lark, Prairie (_practicola_) Horned

If txny.hier does not contain the subspecific rank, there is no need to proceed with parsing.

        #-- 1 --
        # [ if self.hier contains rank code SSP_CODE ->
        #     I
        #   else ->
        #     scan  :=  scan advanced to end of line
        #     return ]
        if SSP_CODE not in self.hier:

At present, scan is pointing just past the “<” character. The first step is to scan the code for the containing species; see Section 17.17, “Txny.__scanAbbr(): Scan a code”.

        #-- 2 --
        # [ if the line in scan starts with a valid bird code,
        #   right-padded to abbrMod.ABBR_L ->
        #     scan  :=  scan advanced by abbrMod.ABBR_L
        #     otherCode  :=  that bird code, uppercased and stripped
        #   else ->
        #     Log()  +:=  error message(s)
        #     raise SyntaxError ]
        otherCode = self.__scanAbbr ( scan )

The rest of the line is the English name, typically set off from the second bird code by one space, but we strip spaces from both ends, just in case.

        #-- 3 --
        # [ scan  :=  scan advanced to the end of the line
        #   eng  :=  balance of the line in scan, stripped of leading
        #            and trailing whitespace ]
        eng =

Now we have everything we need to create a new Taxon instance and a binding for the new code. For the logic that does all that, see Section 17.23, “Txny.__bindSubspecificAlt(). Because subspecific taxa are added after the entire standard forms file has been read, the otherCode must be defined as a species-rank taxon.

        #-- 4 --
        # [ if otherCode is bound to a species in self.abTab ->
        #     self.taxaTree  +:=  a new subspecies with otherCode's
        #         species as its parent, English name (eng), 
        #         normal status, canon (code), and disamb (None)
        #     self.abTab  +:=  a new StdBind binding (code) to
        #         that new subspecies
        #   else ->
        #     Log()  +:=  error message(s)
        #     raise SyntaxError ]
        self.__bindSubspecificAlt ( scan, otherCode, eng, code )